What If, Like Me…

Short film directed by Sean Kelly

What if, like me, you’ve got your routine. Day in, day out. Nothing changes. And then you see her – wow! She steals your heart. But you’re useless with women and someone comes along and steals your thunder. So, what if you find an extraordinary way to change all that?

​ To view the full film (10 minutes) please click here.

The Death of Jack Hamilton

Directed by Jamie Anderson

Based on a short story by Stephen King. Set in America, 1934, amidst the Great Depression, the film centres on John Dillinger, Homer Van Meter and Jack Hamilton after their narrow escape from the Little Bohemia shootout. Amidst the chaos, Hamilton is shot in the lung. The rest of the film centres on the gang as they attempt to seek treatment for Hamilton as his condition rapidly worsens. The story incorporates themes of fate and friendship, as well as the fragility of life.

​Please click here to view the official trailer.

Liberte, Noor Inayat Khan

Directed by Sati Sohal

Based on the life of Noor Inayat Khan, an SOE agent during the Second World War. David played the role of Leo Marks, a highly respected head cryptographer.

Psychotic Asylum

Directed by Johnny Johnson

It’s Helens last day working at a mental institute that is to be closed down. For this reason it is currently only housing three patients all criminally insane, all incredibly dangerous. After staying late for leaving drinks, things take a dark turn when she becomes trapped in the asylum, and the remaining patients escape their secure cells. Her last night at work is about to turn into a horrific fight for her life.

Now available on DVD.